Success Stories

Look at all the people we’ve helped!

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Contractor – Urban Enterprise Construction

“We are always grateful for the opportunity to assist the community and are glad that we have been given the chance to do so as an approved vendor of the SELF program.”

Nicholas, Orlando

Nicholas, Orlando

"This program is amazing! The rates are great!"

solar financing for contractors

Mildred, Orlando

"I'm so happy and pleased with my new unit."

cheap home improvement loans

Pauline, Orlando

"We received a better interest rate than what was being offered at other banks. I received a new roof, and we were able to get homeowners insurance on our home."

Adrian, Port Saint Lucie

"I’m grateful for this program and making it possible to help individuals like myself!"

Monica, Hillsborough

"I am so grateful for this loan and SELF was really there for me."

Kathleen, St. Petersburg

"My home will now be safer and more efficient and it's all thanks to the funding and hard work from the staff at SELF."

Patricia, St. Petersburg

"With my new ac unit, I am now living like a queen! Thank you for everything!"

Laurelin, Mobile

“SELF made this process as painless and worry-free as possible. I am so grateful for all their help, thanks to everyone!”

Contractor – Dynasty Building Solutions

"The Bell family is in a much better position because of the assistance that SELF was able to offer them."

Angel, Orlando

"I want to thank the team of SELF for making it all possible you are the light at the end of the tunnel that brought back my hope and confidence."

Kendra, Tampa

“This was an unplanned expense and Monica made the process easy.”

Karen, Port Saint Lucie

"Roy was a wonderful loan officer. He was attentive to our needs. He helped us through the loan process and made a difficult problem less stressful."

Alicia Norris, St. Petersburg

"Having KIVA and SELF has given me the ability to maintain the integrity of my home... I appreciate the support and the program immensely."

Ed Agliardo, Port St. Lucie

“I am extremely grateful for the assistance and support provided by SELF and the St. Lucie County PACE Program with the financing of my new Solar Energy System.”

Ruth Vernon, Tampa

SELF helped Ruth completely redo her bathroom. "Now my daughter doesn’t have to worry about me falling"

Betty Oliveras, Tampa

"I recommend SELF to everybody who falls on bad times. If they can help you, they will. And if they can't, they will try to find you somebody who can."


“I cannot believe that I was approved after being rejected so many times by banks! I am so happy!! Thank you!”