Alicia Norris, St. Petersburg

Alicia is a strong single woman and loving mother to her young children. She works multiple jobs to be able to provide for them. She has saved for quite some time to be able to afford the down payment on a small home in which she plans to make her forever home and raise her small children.

Alicia did not anticipate that her home would need a roof almost immediately upon moving her family. Alicia wanted to provide the safest environment for her children, however she could afford to replace her roof out of pocket. She was concerned that the roof will be at risk if a hurricane were to hit her area as it recently has.

Alicia turned to SELF and Kiva to extend an affordable loan that she can afford while being the sole care provider for her two children.

SELF was successful at raising $7,975 on (from 103 individuals and 39 contributing teams) to finance Alicia’s new roof.

“As a single mom of three children and working four jobs to provide for my family, I needed extra support when my roof began leaking. Having KIVA and SELF has given me the ability to maintain the integrity of my home without having to come up with a large sum of money to do so. I appreciate the support and the program immensely.”

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