Martin County Septic to Sewer Loan

Sign up for Martin County Utilities (MCU) Septic-to-Sewer (S2S) Conversion Program today and receive an automatic $1000 incentive and the option to apply for a fixed 10 year, $85/month payment plan through SELF!

Septic-to-Sewer Payment Plan

Money Down0

Sign-up and Save is during the first 365 days of available service. Easy payments on your utility bill or through AutoPay. $65 deposit will be waived when you sign up for AutoPay.

Landlords must have the utility meter in their own name and pay for the utility bill to be eligible for the MC S2S on-bill program. If utility meters are in the names of renters, landlords are not eligible for the “on-bill” 10 year fixed payment option, but are eligible for SELF’s Water & Sewer Loan.


  • Primary Applicant must be the OWNER of the RESIDENTIAL subject property
  • Residents must be a water customer of MCU
  • Installation must be pre-approved by MCU
  • Applicant(s) must prove ABILITY TO PAY (i.e., Employment, Social Security, Disability, etc.)
  • Landlords must have the utility meter in their own name and pay for the utility bill to be eligible for the MC S2S on-bill program.

Special $1000 Incentive From MCU Available During Sign-up and Save Program Offering

Benefits of connecting to county sewer system

  • No maintenance for the homeowner
  • No more pumping, inspections, or maintaining drain fields
  • No environmental pollution and potential contamination of watersheds
  • Guaranteed quality installation by MCU approved Contractors
  • Affordable on-bill payment plan available through MCU and SELF*

Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in the home and the meter is in your name, you may apply for the payment plan through SELF.

To qualify for the financing plan you must be: Current on your mortgage; current on property taxes; current no delinquencies past 30 days in the last 12 months on your utility bill.

Your loan becomes a part of your utility bill so the same rules apply. After 45 days the utilities will be shut off service. Under exceptional circumstances you contact SELF and apply to re-finance the loan.

Note:  Fees for refinancing will apply and loan terms and conditions will differ from the $85/month, 10 year payment plan.

No, the SELF-S2S loan is an unsecured personal loan. If you are delinquent or default you will have negative impacts on your credit score and SELF will continue to collect the loan and, MCU will disconnect your service.

If you sell your home you will need to pay off that loan at time of sale.  The S2S loan is a personal loan and is not tied to the home. As soon as the meter is transferred to another name you will have to pay off the loan to SELF.

If the meter is in your name and you have authorization from the homeowner to make this improvement, you may qualify. However, if you leave the home, you will have to pay off the loan since the loan is in your name.

You may seek to reach an agreement with your landlord so that they will take out a loan with SELF independently, that is not tied to the utility bill. *Conditions will vary from the $85 on-bill payment plan.

Yes, if you are the owner of the house, and don’t live in the house, you may still qualify for the incentive if you connect to the service by paying for the connection out of pocket or seeking an independent loan with SELF outside the $85 on-bill payment plan. The incentive will apply to the project financing.

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