Unsecured capital for improving your rental properties

SEER (Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Resilient) loans help lower utilities costs for tenants and improve health and safety. SEER improvements result in property preservation and stabilized communities with low turnover.

Landlords use SEER financing to:

  • Avoid upfront costs
  • Address deferred maintenance
  • Stabilize tenancies

Teaming up with Atlanta Housing to expand access to energy efficiency improvements

SELF and Atlanta Housing have teamed up to reduce the energy burden of low-income tenants. Through Atlanta Housing’s new Energy Efficiency Rent Boost (EERB) program, landlords who make certain energy efficiency improvements may qualify for a monthly rent boost of up to $175. Landlords may also qualify for SELF’s SEER loan, which can enable participating AH landlords to unlock the Rent Boost with no upfront cost.

Landlords participating in Atlanta Housing’s EERB Program may be eligible for:

  • Rent boosts of up to $175
  • Special-rate SEER loans
  • Free energy efficiency inspections

The increased rent rate can help offset loan repayment

Unsecured SEER Loan

Loan Amountup to
per unit
Interest Ratestarting at
Loan Termsup to
72 mos.


  • Borrower must be the owner of the rental property
  • Property must be located in the Atlanta Metro area.
  • Borrower must prove ability to repay
  • Property taxes must be current
  • Mortgage loans must be current

Fees: Inspection Fees: 0% for all landlords participating in the AH Rent Boost program, regardless of outcome of loan. Origination, Closing, Project Management Fees: $300 flat fee for all loans below $20,000. 2.5% fee for all loans greater than $20,000.

Improve your rental units with an unsecured loan and avoid upfront costs

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Anyone who wants to make climate resilience, solar, or energy efficiency improvements to their affordable housing rental units may apply. However, you must be a landlord with Atlanta Housing to access their Energy Efficiency Rent Boost.

If you’re already an HCVP landlord with AH, then once you’re approved for a SEER loan, AH will conduct a free inspection of your unit to determine what energy efficiency improvements are needed to achieve an Energy Efficiency Rent Boost. Once AH confirms that the energy efficiency upgrades are completed, the Rent Boost is triggered to kick in upon the unit’s lease renewal date. To learn more about the Energy Efficiency Rent Boost and about how to become an Atlanta Housing HCVP landlord, visit https://www.atlantahousing.org/developers-property-owners/

High Efficiency Lighting; Low-Flow Faucets, Showerheads, Aerators, and Toilets; Insulation; Air Sealing; High Efficiency HVACs (16 SEER min); Low Emissivity Windows.

Rooftop Solar PV, Solar Water Heater, Impact Windows and Doors, Roofs (Fortified Standard), Disability Adaptations

Maximize your energy efficiency investment with Georgia Power rebates of up to $1,150 per single-family rental and up to $575 for multi-family.

The Home Energy Improvement Program helps Georgia Power residential customers reduce energy use, save on energy costs, and improve the indoor air quality of their homes.

For more information please contact David Graber, Special Projects Manager or call 772-468-1818 Ext. 1201, or fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

The innovative SEER loan is made possible by the Finance Justice Fund and the Opportunity Finance Network