SELF is always seeking low-cost, flexible capital to meet the growing needs of communities in Florida, South Carolina and Alabama.

SELF currently has a total of 23 investors in 7 categories. We also work to raise grant loan capital from the CDFI Fund and from foundations.


Investments in SELF create positive social and economic benefits for underserved communities, help avoid CO2 emissions, and advance clean energy for a clean environment.

SELF loans help people make homes safer, healthier, and more affordable by reducing the cost of cooling or heating, promoting quality of life, and asset building.

$7.2 Million of loan capital leveraged to $11 Million in loans

Average default rate is less than 2%

Avg. 26% Savings through Energy Upgrades

70% of Clients are LMI clients with poor credit scores

Benefited over 4,000 people

Cumulative CO2 Emissions avoided: 1,390

Investments in SELF promote:

  • Opportunities for financial education and inclusion for credit impaired homeowners
  • Women heads of households and homeowners
  • Elderly aging in place
  • People with disability in need of home adaptations
  • US Veterans

See a full list of SELF impacts and results on our Impacts page.

For more information on investment opportunities please contact us.

SELF Transparency

SELF values transparency and makes it easy for investors to access key financial performance indicators verified by independent third parties. That is why, SELF reports to AERIS on a regular basis and encourages investors to view key financial CDFI indicators through the AERIS platform.

What is AERIS?

In 2013, Aeris built an online platform to collect and manage the impact and financial information that supports our deep due diligence and monitoring activities. Today, they are sharing that capability with the broader investing field: offering a highly reliable tool tailored to the unique needs of multiple users for the collection, management, and analysis of the impact and financial data of their investments.

Aeris’ unique experience and capabilities can help accelerate the pace of impact investing.


If you are an investor and would like to access reports on SELF verified by an entity specialized in CDFIs, contact AERIS.

AERIS users can find SELF (Solar and energy Loan Fund) with their Fund Selector.

AERIS is now offering a COVID special for investors.