Monica, Hillsborough

Loan Type: Wind Hazard Mitigation
Project Description: Replaced leaking roof with new energy-efficient and storm resilient roof
Loan Terms: $4,000 – 4 years – 9.5%
Barriers: Leaking roof
Achievements: Safety – Reduced electric and homeowner’s insurance costs

“My roofer told me about the SELF program and I liked the interest rate possibilities and how they helped low income borrowers. The fact that they are helping the environment through lowering the energy costs is another reason that I wanted to apply. I submitted all the documents to my loan officer whom was super nice to me and my co-borrower, and a few weeks later I got approved with a great loan with low interest rate and easy payments. I am so grateful for this loan and SELF was really there for me. And according to the roof inspector, my energy bill will drop too.”

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