Top 20 Contractors – 2021

Congratulations to the top 20 contractors of 2021!

We are grateful to all of our contractors but these 20 contractors together represent approximately $2 million dollars in closed loans!

  1. Collis Roofing $340,817.78
  2. Westfall Roofing $245,561.00
  3. Quality Craftsmen, LLC $147,661.99
  4. Alliance Group $116,390.50
  5. PDK Roofing, Inc. $104,216.00
  6. Old Time Roofing $99,940.00
  7. Fyxify Home Services $93,326.51
  8. Voltage Pros, Inc. $87,400.00
  9. Rhino Roofs $78,791.00
  10. CP Danner Construction, Inc. $72,760.00
  11. Roof It Better, LLC $71,694.25
  12. Code Red Roofers $71,195.00
  13. West Orange Roofing, Inc. $62,847.00
  14. Treasure Coast Roofing $60,250.00
  15. Lipton Window and Door $57,242.00
  16. Tadlock Roofing, Inc. $56,911.72
  17. Stay – Dry Roofing of Tampa Bay $53,653.00
  18. Total Home Contractors – Roofing $52,435.00
  19. Azalea City Roofing LLC $51,625.00
  20. Bill Shields Roofing, Inc. $50,000.00

We are also honored to welcome Collis Roofing to the Over $1-Million-Dollar Club! They started using SELF financing in 2015 and reached the $1-million-dollar mark in just 6 years! Congratulations Collis Roofing!

Contractors who are this successful with SELF financing use several strategies:

  1. They bring up SELF financing. along with other options. during the payment discussion
  2. They educate new sales reps on how to use the program or send them to SELF to train
  3. They have a system for sending denials to SELF
  4. They upload leads into the Portal and use the Portal to track them
  5. They reach out to leads themselves if help is needed

There is no cost for using the SELF financing option and these contractors know how to leverage that advantage with Low- to Moderate-Income (LMI) families. Additionally, these contractors often have a strategy to pursue the LMI market since there is less competition for their business.

The LMI market makes up approximately 45% of the total market and it is largely untapped and often ignored. There is no good reason NOT to send financing denials to SELF while having the potential to make a big impact on your bottom line.

Just capturing one extra job per month, from a customer who was denied by your traditional financing companies (or approved at an exorbitant rate), could add approximately $108,000 to your bottom line at the end of the year! Not only does that represent real growth for your business, but it also represents helping the families who need it the most. We can’t quantify what that adds to your bottom line but we know it feels good.

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