To Tackle Rising Emissions, Senate Democrats Call for Climate Bank

Courthouse News Service

By Brandi Buchman

April 27, 2021

SELF was mentioned in this article on how national climate banks are to jumpstart broad investment in green technology. To read the full story click here.
Here is an excerpt:

Duanne Andrade, chief financial officer for the nonprofit Solar Energy and Loan Fund, or SELF, testified Tuesday that a national climate bank would instill more confidence in the renewables industry. Her green financing program has watched countless projects come to the fore that were “shovel-ready,” even during the coronavirus pandemic.

“As people were forced to work, study, play and rest at home, people had to run air conditioners all day – and, be able to afford it. People had to replace roofs to prevent health risks caused by mold caused by leaking roofs. And they had to ensure their homes were safe and sturdy as the hurricane season approached and the pandemic’s death toll continued to rise”

Duanne Andrade

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