Process for Painless Prompt Payment

One of the most common questions the SELF team is asked is “how do I get paid?” and “where’s my money?” when things go wrong.

You do the work; you deserve to be paid.

That is why SELF guarantees payment. We can guarantee payment because we pay you, and not the client. You keep 100% of the funds, and your payment is guaranteed when you complete the project. It’s simple, fast, and easy. No more chasing clients for payments.

By using SELF, you are giving your customers the option to pay for necessary home improvements with financing. Your customer applies online using our secure online application form. Our team takes it from there and will keep you updated via the Contractor Project Management Portal.

Once approved, electronic documents will be sent via email and your customer can sign electronically, or if needed, we can generate paper closing documents. Your customer won’t pay their first loan payment for 45 days or more after closing.

That’s Great But How Do I Get Paid?

Getting paid is as simple as emailing SELF three (3) documents and waiting 48 hours for the client to respond to a short survey authorizing payment. Once the client authorizes payment, or 48 hours have elapsed, payment will be processed the next Tuesday or Thursday.

Contractors who have Direct Deposit will then see a credit in their account within 48 hours depending on how their bank handles Direct Deposits. Contractors who requested to be paid by check may have to wait longer due to the availability of check signatories or delays due to mail.

The three (3) documents needed for payment are:

  1. Invoice to SELF (Matching quote amount with a detailed scope of work)
  2. Passed Final Inspection (if required)
  3. Contractor Final Installation report (always attached to the NTP)

These documents must be emailed to SELF at *A Best Practice is to upload all needed documents via the Contractor Project Management Portal right into the client’s digital file.

I did all that, where’s my money?

There are a few reasons there might be a delay in getting a payment out.

  1. Documents NOT emailed to
  2. Incomplete documents
  3. Invoice issues (not matching quote or without a detailed scope of work)
  4. Client dissatisfied

When a payment is delayed, please work with Christine Papke, who handles all SELF contractor payments and can be reached at 772-468-1818 or to resolve the deficiencies.

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