A Brighter Future: Solar Power Glows in St. Petersburg

Green Bench Monthly

Karin Wahlrab

August 8, 2018

SELF was mentioned on the Green Bench Monthly as a program that is helping home owners in St Petersburg with the installation of solar panels. To read the full story, click here.
Here is en excerpt,

What Finance Options Are Available for Homeowners Who Wish to Go Solar?

SELF program helps assist current homeowners with the installation of solar panels by offering personal loans based on their individual budgets. The program can follow up by helping with project management of the solar-augment installation. These efficient systems, which provide access to clean and affordable energy, can help drastically lower monthly utility bills. Additional benefits include the reduction of air pollution levels produced by fossil fuels, and a more subtle energy grid system for the community. The SELF program is available to all community members, with no minimum or maximum income requirements. Fifty percent of SELF’s activity has aided seniors, 40 percent has helped women-led households, and 20 percent has provided support for veterans. The program’s outreach is not limited to solar panel installation; through city-approved grants, it is able to help with many other securities, such as hurricane-window installation. Through these avenues, SELF helps create stability and financial security throughout the community.

Direct Impact on St. Petersburg Residents

SELF recently made a loan to Campbell Park resident Demetrius Johnson, a U.S. military veteran who is pursuing a Ph.D.

“I went through the St. Pete winter co-op,” he said, “and also, I had SELF help me with the financing! So, I’m very very happy that everything is getting started. …I can’t wait until everything is installed!”

Demetrius Johnson

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