Credit Restoration

Credit Restoration

Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF) helps low- to moderate- income (LMI) homeowners, women, seniors, BIPOC, the disabled, and those who are recovering from financial distress, build or rebuild good credit to improve their economic condition and reinsert themselves in the financial system. Social impact is also achieved through community awareness and educational programs, such as credit rebuilding seminars.

As an approval requirement, SELF may require Credit Counseling/Restoration Workshop/Seminar be completed. This requirement is required to be met within six (6) months of the loan closing date. SELF has provided some options for virtual Credit Counseling/Restoration Workshops/Seminars.

If you do not choose one of the options above, the Credit Restoration Workshop/Seminar must meet the following criteria:

1.            How to raise your credit score;

2.            Credit/Debt management;

3.            Errors on credit reports and how to resolve;

4.            Managing the debt ratio;

5.            How to resolve collections and charged off debt.

Available Credit Course/Restoration options:



If the Credit Counseling/Restoration Course is not completed with proof of completion, clients will not be eligible for any courtesies and/or assistance offered by the SELF program, i.e. requests for postponed payments, payment deferrals, payment relief plans, additional loans and/or specials, etc. Once proof of completed Credit Counseling/Restoration is received, clients will be eligible under the established SELF guidelines for each courtesy and/or assistance.