Solar Energy Loan Fund Looks To Advance Home Improvement Loans

BY Peter Masterson, — 06/08/2021

Heating News Journal picked up WJCT’s story about how the Solar Energy Loan Fund and the US Senate committee’s proposal for a national “climate bank”.

The article can be found in Heating News Journal here and was previously reported on WJCT.

Here is an excerpt that features SELF:

Duanne Andrade is CEO of the not-for-profit Solar Energy Loan Fund in Florida. She testified to this subcommittee on how green finance works. She said her organization is providing funding for low and middle-income homeowners to first improve the security of their home before making clean energy upgrades. 

“A house or building that doesn’t have a stable roof and no impact-resistant windows or even hurricane shutters, there’s no point talking about installing a solar panel on it, right? There are basic things that need to be done. ” 

Andrade said the Solar Energy Loan Fund works with homeowners based on their repayment ability, not just their creditworthiness or income.

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