How To Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season

Floridians know hurricanes a bit too comfortably well.

We’ve gotten so accustomed to them that our preparedness level can tend to revert to a shrug and a simple “we’ll see.” If you live by the coast, you grab your usual plywood for your windows and sandbags for your doors. 

However, being an experienced hurricane prepper doesn’t do much in the face of climate change and stronger storms each passing year. As average global temperatures increase, warmer waters will brew stronger and more frequent storms. The 2022 hurricane season is slated to be just as destructive for the island nations in the Caribbean, just south of Florida. 

Florida always takes some level of damage, but it’s always tough to gauge just how far to go with preparedness if the storm misses us or ends up being quieter than expected. 

Well, the worst thing that could happen to your home during a storm is for your roof to be pierced, or even collapse. Strong winds could blow the entire thing away. Excess rain levels could cause flooding and permanent water damage to homes. 

So, what can you do?

First, start with an inspection or evaluation. Having an expert survey your roof can expedite the process of finding any specific areas that need improvement or replacement. 

A contractor will likely examine the roof membrane, flashings, mounted equipment, gutters, and downspouts to ensure proper seals and attachments in all areas. 

Clearing gutters might seem like a small tedious thing, but you’ll thank us when stormwater has a clear flow off your roof and doesn’t get backed up.

Trimming or removing trees could be an immensely beneficial preventative as well. If you see any questionable trees that could fall directly on your roof, consider trimming it down or cutting it down. We don’t recommend destroying the habitat of neighborhood wildlife, so use your discretion when prioritizing the safety of your home. 

Finally, make sure you are up to date with all insurance and warranties, and catalog any before photos you can in the event that you do have to claim any damage to the roof.

The health and safety of you and your loved ones are the top priority. Never try to hastily do any prep work during a storm. A roof can always be replaced, but human life cannot. Make sure you always prioritize your own food and necessary supplies first, then check out your home’s roof. 

If you think it’s time for a new roof, SELF has your back with easy financing options, as well as a robust and trustworthy contractor network to make sure the job is done at the highest quality. 

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