SELF in Hillsborough County




SELF and Hillsborough County

Bringing sustainability to ALL

[TAMPA, Fla.] The non-profit Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF) is partnering with Hillsborough County to provide sustainable community lending programs to help address environmental, economic, and social challenges in the county.

SELF is committed to the core values of the county’s sustainability and resiliency programs and now offers affordable unsecured loans for home renovations, including:


•Energy Efficiency (e.g., high-efficiency Air Conditioners, weatherization, LED lights);

•Renewable Energy (e.g., solar water heaters, solar thermal, and solar PV systems);

•Wind-Hazard Mitigation (e.g., roofs, impact windows, hurricane shutters);

•Water Conservation (e.g., low-flow irrigation systems),

•Water Quality (e.g., lateral line replacement, septic tank conversions),

•Disability Products and Aging-In-Place (e.g., wheelchair ramps, walk-in showers).


SELF prioritized the Gulf Coast region due to strong local leadership on climate change, resilience and financial inclusion; robust partnerships; local demand for sustainable building practices; and, multiple solar co-op projects offered through FL SUN.

SELF’s lending requirements are much less stringent than traditional banks, and we focus on the ability of the applicant to pay rather than credit scores. SELF also provides contractor screening, project management, and special lending programs for veterans, women, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

SELF is an equal opportunity lender focused on helping low- and moderate-income people.



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