Allison N. Yates

Underwriting and Lending Policy Director

Allison Yates previously worked in the banking industry for eleven years in various levels of customer service, supervising, and compliance training on a corporate level. She began her involvement with SELF as subcontractor during the development of the basic lending policies, in 2010. Since becoming a full-time employee with SELF, in 2011, her responsibilities have included customer service, administration, data management and design, underwriting, loan maintenance and servicing, preparation and organizing of board meetings, marketing, and web maintenance. Since becoming the Operations and Underwriting Manager in 2013, Allison’s responsibilities are primarily the management of the program’s overall operation, loan evaluations, system enhancements, collections, and credit reporting. Allison Yates is also the administrator for SELF’s management information system, Salesforce, and loan servicing system, Downhome Loan Management Solutions. As the program continues to evolve, Allison will work under the direction of SELF’s Chief Financial Officer.