How to Apply


Submit information about the subject property and types of desired improvements, including:

1. Property Address and Property Identification Number (PIN);
2. Mortgage balance and all encumbrances (if applicable);
3. Proof of property purchase and ownership;
4. Proof of timely property tax payments for the last three (3) years;
5. Types of proposed property improvements;
6. Pre-Qualification can take 24-72 hours; and,
7. If you are pre-qualified, you will be notified of a maximum amount that you can finance.


1. Complete, date, and submit full application, along with contractor quotes from SELF’s list of pre-approved contractors;
2. Consult with SELF staff to review application, quotes from approved contractor(s), closing costs, one-time fees, and interest rates;
3. Final approval may take 7–14 business days;
4. If there is a mortgage on the property, a 30- day notice must be given to the mortgagee before PACE financing can be disbursed.


Onsite work may only begin after ALL of the following acts have occurred:

1. Application has been approved SELF, St. Lucie County, and Inland Green Capital LLC;
2. All final quotes and paperwork have been completed with proper signatures;
3. There is (are) a signed contract(s) between the contractor(s) and the client with a detailed quote of the work, equipment, and time frames for completion;
4. Property owner has officially notified the mortgagee (when there is a mortgage on the property). Note a 30 day notification will be required;

5. The “financing agreement” is finalized with proper signatures; and,
6. SELF has issued Notice(s) to Proceed (NTP) to the contractor(s) when all requirements listed above have been satisfied.


• Project costs may not be modified once the financing agreement is signed and approved;

• Payment(s) is (are) disbursed directly to the contractor(s) after completion of work is verified via inspections, reports, and documentation;

• Annual assessment payments will be collected on the annual tax bill administered by the St. Lucie County Tax Collector;

• Prepayment is allowed; however, a prepayment penalty of five percent (5%) of the outstanding principal balance will be imposed by the Lender and charged on the tax bill;

• Accrued interest begins accruing on special assessment (i.e., loan amount) on the date specified in the financing agreement;

• Depending on the Funding date of the PACE Assessment, payments may not be due until the following tax year. Capitalized Interest is the amount of interest that is added to the PACE Assessment amount for the period prior to your first annual Assessment payment. The amount of Capitalized Interest will be included on your Financing Documents;

• If the Assessment is closed and the Financing Agreement is entered into on or after May 1 of a given calendar year through August 15 of the same calendar year, then there will be no capitalized interest; and,

• For Financing Agreements entered into any time after August 15 of a given calendar year, capitalized interest shall apply for the period between execution of the Financing Agreement and the immediately following May the capitalized interest will be rolled into the total amount of the Assessment.